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About Us


In 1934, in the depths of the great depression, a group of engineers met at The Engineers' Club of Philadelphia and decided to form a group that was dedicated to maintaining the professional integrity of the engineering profession.
At same time in New York and four other cities similar groups formed. These groups decided to combine and form a larger organization, which was to become NSPE, the National Society of Professional Engineers.

The Philadelphia Chapter of PSPE, the founding chapter, grew to over a thousand members and then began to split into smaller county based chapters. In recent years some PSPE chapters have remerged to absorb part or all PSPE members of an adjacent county. PSPE Philadelphia continues to represent society members who live, work, or otherwise choose to associate with our chapter in Philadelphia County.

Our chapter also works to interact with the chapters of adjacent and nearby counties of the
South East region of Pennsylvania and chapters of NJSPE of Southern New Jersey.

Photo of Original Charter from April 26, 1934, two pages bound by ribbon and sealing wax.

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